A lot of thought went into picking the right artist for the upcoming Blister cover.  Take a look at the reveal in this exclusive video!

Get Free Shit!

NOVEL | 158 pages | 2016
If you’ve ever had to deal with meeting girls at funerals, dressing as a costumed character just to get a job, ducking in a field of grass to hide from the cops with an asshole you hate, battling an addiction to buttercream frosting, outrunning a hot girl’s thug boyfriend, or trying not to punch your best friend’s dickhead older brother in the face; this book’s for you.

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COMIC BOOK | 32 pages | 2018
Angela is the first story in the Blister novel, in which Blister falls for a girl at a funeral, and spends some time trying to impress her. It also explores the inner-band dynamic between him and his bass-playing best friend, Harv, as egos conflict, with a little teen angst and a dash of planetary revolution thrown into the mix.

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COMIC BOOK | 28 pages | 2017
Punk rocker, Blister almost immediately regrets letting his band-mate Harv talk him into the publicity stunt to end all publicity stunts. They are going to play an unannounced show on the roof of their school during the biggest basketball game of the year!

The band takes to the sky, almost literally, in this ridiculous glance into a day in the lives of Wellington’s finest punk duo, Blister.

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Eric Cockrell

Creator of Blister

Eric Joseph Cockrell is an Aster Award-winning video producer, podcast writer and producer, comic book creator, author, and a co-host and producer of the web video series "Strange Tales Weekly." He is best known for the comic book adaptation of his book "Blister" which follows a group of punk rock kids in their formative years and is very loosely based on actual people and events.